We invest in life sciences, with particular focus on therapeutics. We are equally comfortable investing at a very early-stage of drug development, when candidate drugs have just been discovered and are entering preclinical stage, as well as at later stages of clinical development. We back scientists that we believe can become future industry leaders: smart and insightful, driven by clear product vision, comfortable in unchartered territory, sharp, independent decision makers, ready to change direction when the data speaks. In short, we aspire to back true entrepreneurs with global ambitions. (read here and here)

We recognise that drug discovery is difficult and firmly believe that only molecules that are supported by the strongest conviction of key scientists deserve financial backing. The absence of reasons to stop a drug development program (“red flags”) should not, by itself, be a justification for moving a program forward. Strong conviction is a much more appropriate decision-making tool, especially in early-stage R&D. 

We believe that simply relying on statistical considerations as a predictor for success in drug discovery is not a sustainable strategy. In addition, complex governance structures and processes can slow down innovation and create headwinds against breakthroughs: virtual companies and stepwise “asset-centric” financing can create a suitable environment for early-stage innovation. As molecules progress through clinical development, we back entrepreneurs in building their companies around those assets that are appropriately de-risked. (read herehere and here)

We invest primarily in Europe, looking for opportunities in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Multi-Stage Integrated Platform

We provide support to biotech entrepreneurs who have powerful ideas and the ability to develop their scientific insight into a successful biotech company.

At the early stages, we help start companies under our Asset Centric approach and support their development from scientific insight to early clinical studies and Proof-of-Concept (PoC). We start and grow our early-stage companies out of labs, academia or Pharma, and manage them as virtual companies following our Asset Centric approach. The ones that successfully grow from their pre-clinical stage to early clinical and PoC are then ready for strategic transactions with Pharma or further development into later stages.

The recent addition of our Medicxi Growth fund extends our platform capabilities to support entrepreneurial teams when it makes strategic sense to build a long lasting biotech company well beyond the early stages of its development. Our growth fund is focused on supporting companies that have successfully reached clinical PoC and that we feel should develop their compounds independently through Ph2/3, FDA approval and market entry. (read here)

Our venture and growth funds are managed by our dedicated investing professionals for each fund, who work together as a cohesive team and collectively provide an integrated platform to help our entrepreneurs build their companies into the global leaders and true biotech innovators of the future. Strong impact on unmet medical needs and the healthy financial returns associated with such significant innovation are the common goals we passionately share with the entrepreneurs we back.